Guided fishing

Marina runs guided fishing days and guided fishing courses.

Guided fishing is a fun day out and a great way of meeting new friends.

What happens on a guided fishing day?

Guided fishing day Guided fishing course
Health & safety awareness ✔ ✔
Games & activities ✔
Casting tutorials ✔ ✔
Fish welfare ✔ ✔
How to read water ✔ ✔
Aquatic fly life ✔ ✔
How to set up rod, reel, line & flies ✔ ✔
Exclusive prices on specific Orvis fishing equipment & clothing ✔ ✔
Prizegiving ✔

How much does guided fishing tuition cost?

PLEASE NOTE: 20% DISCOUNT FOR CHILDREN UNDER 16. The prices above do not include fishery ticket, fishing licence and travel expenses (where applicable).
Tuition Price - 1 rod Additional Rods (1) Additional Rods (2)
Hourly fly fishing tuition (Min 2 hours) £35 (per hour) £20 (per hour) -
Half guided day - 4 hours £100 £40 £20
Full Guided Day - 8 hours £180 £70 £35

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. A fishing licence – please visit
  2. Wellies & waders – if you don’t have any please contact for assistance
  3. Eye protection – If you don’t have or can’t borrow polaroid sunglasses don’t worry. They do help you to see beneath the surface glare but any sunglasses will serve to protect your eyes from a flailing fish hook which is just as important.
  4. Hat – For a fishing hat, wear any hat that will keep a bit of the sun off you on a hot day or keep the rain out of your eyes on a wet one.
  5. A good attitude and, if you don’t, trust me you’ll be leaving with one!


If you are looking for a fishing lesson or guided day for your friend or family member these gift cards are a perfect surprise! Marina is a qualified guide with the Angling Trust and her passion for fishing rubs off on anyone who spends time with her on the water.

These prices do not include transport, fishery ticket, fishing licence, food or beverages. These can be arranged in advance for a small admin charge. Marina is based in North Yorkshire but is willing to travel, providing travel and accommodation is covered if needs be.

As soon as you have placed the gift voucher order Marina will send you your voucher to print off. If you have any enquires please contact

Card image cap
Adult's two hour lesson 70

Gift Card ~ 2 Hour Lesson with Marina Gibson (1 rod)

Card image cap
Adult's half day lesson 100

Gift Card ~ Adult's Half Day Lesson with Marina Gibson (1 rod)

Card image cap
Adult's full day lesson 180

Gift Card ~ Adult's Full Day Lesson with Marina Gibson (1 rod)

Card image cap
Child's two hour lesson 56

Gift Card ~ CHILD'S 2 Hour Lesson with Marina Gibson ~ HALF PRICE (1 rod)

Card image cap
Child's half day lesson 80

Gift Card ~ Child's Half Day Lesson with Marina Gibson (1 rod)

Card image cap
Child's full day lesson 144

Gift Card ~ Child's Full Day Lesson with Marina Gibson (1 rod)