A stray who came to stay
A stray who came to stay (Yorkshire Life)

Renowned angler Marina Gibson explains how she fell hook, line and sinker for her dog Sedge.

The Times Weekend, July 2017
How fishing pulled in the cool set (The Times Weekend)

There’s a new breed of angler, and they are more likely to have tattoos and piercings than tweed outfits

Marina and Marcus Gibson
My Fishing Day with Marina Gibson (Fieldsports Magazine)

My parents taught my brother and me to fly fish with a single handed rod from the age of around five, and we moved onto double handed rods when we were eight.

Sedge's advert picture

A friend adopted a street dog from Cyprus whilst she was working there. These dogs have a minimal amount of time to be adopted before they are put down.

Orvis ambassador, Marina Gibson
Can you find your inner calm in the countryside?

Swapping city for stream. The correlation between happiness and time spent outdoors is wistfully discussed with high frequency amongst the city dwelling set.

Blue fin of the Mediterranean
Bluefin of the Mediterranean

Fishing for bluefin tuna at Languedoc Roussillon, Pyrénées Orientales, an incredible fishing place on France’s south coast.

50 Shades of Grayling
50 Shades of Grayling

For eager fishermen who get itchy feet during the close season, grayling certainly provide the fix; the perfect tonic to the fishing blues.