Sedge's Story

On the 1st February I packed the last of my belongings from the flat I had lived in for 3 years and made a life changing move up to North Yorkshire. Although it was hard to leave my job, friends and the London buzz, I belonged in the country.

I closed the six year chapter and waved goodbye to the fun-filled memories and began writing a new one, one that started two hours north of London in Nottinghamshire. A few months prior to leaving London and knowing that I was moving to the countryside it was finally time for me to find a fishing PIC!

A few years ago a friend who was an army vet had adopted a street dog from Cyprus whilst she was working out there. These dogs have a minimal amount of time to be adopted before they are put down.

After remembering just how sweet her little dog was, who in fact came fishing with me once with my friend Simon Ladd (above), I decided to do some recon to see if this was a reliable avenue to explore. After a few hours of sniffing around online I knew I had opened a can of worms. Countries including Spain, Cyprus, Romania and Greece have vast problems with stray dogs. I came across a website called 'Seven Strays Dog Rescue', based in Romania. As I scrolled, I came across a dog named ‘Wes’. Wes was similar to my friend’s rescue dog from Cyprus.

His big brown eyes, soft fox red fur, white chest and front paw dipped in white paint caught my eye. When one goes online window-shopping and "has a quick look", normally you are bound to see something you like!  I’m not sure what the returns policy was on this particular website, nor did the FAQs cover the ‘Didn’t fit’ or ‘Product looked different in real life’ Q&As.

Before I could blink I had leaped off the cliff, I contacted the rescue centre and sent my deposit for ‘Wes’, there was no turning back now! After I passed the home check Wes, now named Sedge was on his way to his foster home in Nottinghamshire where he would stay until I was ready to move into my new home. Thanks to Lizzie Houghton, he was house trained and in perfect condition when I picked him up.

I’ve had Sedge for a month now, he has been up to Scotland with me to fish the River Dee, down to Devon to take my Level 2 coaching exams with the Angling Trust. He has travelled on a train and tube to and around London to attend my Casting In The Park sessions with Orvis UK and The London Fly Fishing Fair.

Sedge must be the most overindulged dog there is! Come on, he is my first! I treated him to a few Orvis treats including the Dog's Traveller Kit as I tend to be on the road a lot, the Field Collection Dog Jacket, Shotshell Lead and a personalised Couch Dog Bed - just in case he forgets his name, he is a street dog after all!

Should've named him Basil Brush!

Should've named him Basil Brush!

Sedge's leap into the fresh Scottish water! Photo Credit: Atlantic Salmon Trust

Sedge is a #StreetDog from Romania; a passerby took him and his mother into the shelter when he was a puppy. Most people think I am mad, that’s a given. Some people have asked me why I didn’t adopt a dog from the UK: I’ve never seen an unaccompanied dog roaming the streets in the UK. We don’t have our army using them for target practice or governments stating that you can kill any stray dog you see with whatever method you choose. 

He's been fishing with me twice now, on his first trip he jumped into the River Dee and my ghillie Martin Robson had to grab him before he disappeared, lifejacket is a must for now on! Fishing companions are rare but when you find one, furry or not, you will make great memories with them. I am looking forward to giving Sedge the best possible home and I can't wait to explore the vast array of UK waters with my new friend. 

If you’d like to follow Sedge’s journey you can find him on Instagram or Facebook if you type in #SedgesStory


Seven Strays Dog Rescue started in May 2015, when we rescued seven stray puppies and their mum from the side of the road in Calarasi, Romania. They were all so skinny, but so friendly, and we could not just leave them there with nothing but a cruel future ahead of them.

From this, Seven Strays was born

What they do:
In Romania, the situation for dogs is dire. The population is out of control, and the authorities do not seem to care. The money they receive to help the situation does not go to the dogs, but instead lines their pockets. So it’s up to us to do something about it.

Our aim is to rescue dogs from Romania, either from the streets or from the public shelter, and find them homes in the UK, as well as support spay and neuter campaigns to reduce the population and ultimately tackle the root of the problem.

The process of adoption is really quite simple.
Fill out the form to apply to adopt, and then we’ll give you a call. We’ll then arrange a home check, to make sure your house and garden is suitable and secure for one of our dogs. If accepted, you can choose the dog you want and they will be reserved for you. Some dogs are ready to travel immediately, other dogs have to wait until they are old enough or have completed all of the requirements for travel.

The youngest a dog can travel is 15 weeks old due to the law on the rabies vaccination. Once you have chosen your dog, you will be ask to pay the deposit £100, you will be asked to pay the remaining amount 10-14 days before the dog travels. The rest is simple – you’ll simply pick up the dog at one of the pick up points in the UK and take them home! After a little while we’ll be in touch to arrange another visit, just to see how he or she is settling in, this is called a Follow up.

Please visit - You never know you might find your Wes there!