HOLY CARP!!! Double Double, Boilie & Trouble!

Do I begin this write up with the fire brigade? A dud battery? AA callout (x2)? Or a carp of a lifetime?

Being the naïve fly fisher that I am I had NO idea that there was such an art to coarse fishing. I now have the greatest respect and with diminutive understanding I am enlightened as to why so many people across the UK and further afield participate in such a sport.  

My immediate observation that was most obvious to me was that coarse fishing was not as chilled-out as it appears to be but in fact quite the opposite. I had never set foot on such competitive water in my entirety of fishing. Witnessing an atmosphere of “Mine’s bigger than yours” rather than “GCD” (Good catch dear). There was a display of performing comportment. A conduct that is often described as peacocking!!! A 16-year-old schoolboy and a young blonde lady catching one of the record carp on that particular lake didn’t help! Aside from that we had mass supporters from many of the fellow anglers that could reach us in time before releasing the behemoth mirror carp. The news spread far and wide and before no time people were congratulating us left, right and centre.

William had all the gear AND idea!

Amid downtime I learnt copious techniques; hair rigs, swims, bait dissolvable mesh bags, throwing sticks and I am now a connoisseur of boilies – I even had a taster menu but got as far as the banoffee and stopped right there! The alarms would bleep throughout the day, this was not always due to a fish nibbling but possibilities of wind, birds and other natural jigs. With regular single bleeps you can become lazy with your reactions and oblivious to the fact there might actually be a fish on the end of your line.

BLEEP… Side by side we casually strolled down to the rods and William picked up the one that had gone off, he reeled in ever so slightly and we both noticed a movement in the line, he passed me the rod and I started to reel in more vigorously – FISH ON!

A huge team effort and a partnership PB carp weighing 36.5lbs

Thank you to Great River Fishing for supplying us with kit – check out their page @ http://greatriverfishing.com/

***NEWSFLASH*** HOLY CARP William Sudders - We made it! Our 'carp of a lifetime' has featured in the following famed magazines...Angling TimesAngler's Mail magazine and Carp-Talk !

Next adventure for the A-team I will be taking William to see my side of fishing - Fly fishing! It's great when you can both learn off each other to widen your ability on the water wherever you may be. Teaching others creates awareness which will spread through generations. #startyoung