16 going on 60 with these notches on his belt...

Let me introduce you to William Sudders who is a great achiever amongst the fishing community. Coarse fishing is his forte, catching fish ranging from 20lb carp to 246lb sturgeon. William has travelled the high seas and is one of the most passionate fisherman I have met.  To find out more about William's fishing escapades take a look at his autobiographies below on these award-winning fish. 

Sturgeon (left): While on holiday in Canada I organised 3 days fishing on the Fraser river with Great River Fishing Adventures. Dean who is the owner and an amazing friend, guided us on our trip. We fished the Fraser Canyon, a place I have always wanted to fish ever since my first trip to Canada. Dean had told me about the huge sturgeon that had been caught there weighing over 1000lbs and over 12ft long!! After catching one sturgeon that was 6ft long we moved to another spot. Before long we had a 5ft sturgeon and shortly after returning the fish back to the river, I was into yet ANOTHER sturgeon. A minute after hooking my fish one of the other rods was having a bite. Dean picked up the rod and passed it to my brother who then landed his fish first. After an hour and 40 minute battle we finally landed the monster safely on a nearby beach. It was 8’6ft and weighted approximately 246lbs. This is now my biggest fish and it’s all thanks to Dean. The rest of the trip I had 4 sturgeon from 3ft-5’5ft and I lost the biggest fish I’ve ever hooked - The one that got away! 

Wels Catfish (above, right): I banked this extremely rare wels catfish from the world’s finest catfish venue, the River Ebro in Spain. I was fishing for 6 days on the river with my uncle. The weather conditions weren’t perfect so the fishing was difficult. However, come 11am on the fourth day the rod ripped off. I thought it was a small catfish, but after 5 seconds or so the catfish woke up. I fought it for 20 minutes until I saw the tail break the surface, at this moment I knew it was the extremely rare albino catfish!!! I was praying for it not to come off. After a 25 minute battle I landed it. It weighted 175lbs and was 7’10ft. Due to the weather conditions I was thinking that was going to be the last fish of the day but I was lucky enough to catch a half albino catfish at 156lbs. To catch an albino and a half albino all in the same day is unheard of!!!

Common Carp: I was fishing on the River Ebro for the huge carp that the river holds. Some of these fish go way over 70lb. I made it my mission to catch a carp over 40lbs, the closest I got was landing this stunning 36lbs. 

UK Record Catfish: I caught this monster fish at one of my favourite fisheries in the UK, Oakwood Park Lakes in Thetford. I did a 48 hour session on the lake. I was catching lots of carp between 11lbs - 25lbs but no catfish. At 5am on the last morning, the bite alarm began to beep. After a 45 minute battle it was finally ready to be landed.

It was 7ft long and weighted 122lbs!!

It has been named one of the biggest freshwater fish caught in the UK!! I had no idea that it would become national news. I was in three national newspapers, which featured on The BBC news and therefore was invited to go on BBC Radio 4 to be interviewed by Jeremy Paxman. This catch has been one of the most rememberable.